Endangered Species Day, Every Day

25553126933_d1e7f6affc_bWhile this day is only observed one day out of the year, it is important that we carry the message always.

Earth’s species are at risk of extinction and, unless we garner awareness, educate ourselves and work to support policy dedicated to protecting them, species will continue to be lost.

Let’s observe this important day every day..

Check out my newest post on WildLensInc.org..click the image below for the link to the rest of the story:

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 12.47.37 PM.png


About Stacey M. Hollis

Aspiring Environmental Field Journalist taking on the world of birds on an island 23 miles out to sea.
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2 Responses to Endangered Species Day, Every Day

  1. black6speed says:

    Great job!!



  2. SuperMainegirl . says:

    Thank you Stacie and will look into this thanks so much!!


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