Seal Island NWR: An Instagram Video View

stacebirdFrom 23 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, I present you with sights and sounds from around this beautiful, dramatic, biodiversity-rich seabird nesting island where I’ve been so fortunate to spend my time over the years. As we trickle into fall, the grasses slowly brown, the winds stir up and here we remain for the last weeks of the late-nesting cormorant season to ensure they survive to fledging.

These are some videos I’ve been posting on my Instagram which make for a great stacebird’s eye view of this island I’m so enamored with. Please enjoy!

If this makes you more curious about what I’m doing out here and the seasons I’ve spent here in the past working for Project Puffin, I invite you to visit my archives (see on right) for the months beginning with June–when I started this blog–through September for the entirety of the 2016 nesting season.

About Stacey M. Hollis

Living at the edge of southern Costa Rica's rich Golfo Dulce working with non-profit Osa Birds: Research and Conservation. With a background in environmental journalism, avian field biology, bird guiding and ecotourism, my aim is to share my passion for birds and spread the word about the importance of wildlife conservation.
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