Osa Conservation’s Sea Turtle Program

So I’ve had the pleasure of joining some ultra cool folk and fauna over on the Osa Península across the Golfo Dulce this past week for a bit of guide training with Osa Conservation. I had no idea the magical experiences that were in store..

Let me introduce you to this little guy, this is an Olive Ridley sea turtle. Yea, I melted too..

Osa Conservation is a fantastic group of passionate folk (many of whom are younger than me!) who are working hard to learn more about this richly complex and biodiverse land we live in down here in the wildest part of Costa Rica. Since Saladero Ecolodge is an active participant in their programs, my lovely bosses sent me across the Golfo Dulce to learn about the projects I’ll be taking charge of here at Sala to the Dero. More on that to come! For now, enjoy the cuteness..

For some context, these are Olive Ridley sea turtles (all of the four species we have in Costa Rica are en peligro de extinción, aka: in super danger of disappearing forechancver). By conducting an active, year-round nest relocation for these sea turtles and releasing them upon hatching, Osa Conservation is helping ensure a stronger chance of survival for these itty bitties and the rest of the nesting sea turtle species that use the Pacific side of the Osa Península to lay and bury their eggs.

Unfortunately these little guys are up against a mass of life threatening challenges that result in he success of only one in a thousand turtles that makes it safely to adulthood. When I said “juicy morsel” I meant it: just about any bird or animal that decides to can have a easy snack (or two, or three, or all..). So by releasing them and making sure every last turtle gets swept away by the oncoming waves into the next great challenge of their lives, we’re at least giving them a bit more of a chance to grow into the gentle giants that swim our oceans. It was truly an honor to lend a hand and see these beautiful little creatures take on the world and disappear into the churning seas.

Good luck, my little friends..

About Stacey M. Hollis

Tropical guide and naturalist at Tranquilo Bay Eco-Adventure Lodge on Isla Bastimentos set within Panama's Caribbean Bocas del Toro archipelago. My aim is to share my passion for birds and the awesome biodiversity of the tropics while spreading the word about the importance of environmental conservation.
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2 Responses to Osa Conservation’s Sea Turtle Program

  1. Go, little turtles, go! 🙂


  2. Marjorie Hollis says:

    Best of luck, little guys! You have wonderful people looking out for you!


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