Pura Vida, Indeed: StaceBird’s New Video Podcast!

Here goes, folks..


And for my next video to come, I’m going to go more in-depth and give ya’ll a firsthand view of the loudest terrestrial mammal, second only to the Blue Whale! And no, it’s not me..pwahah. While this podcast will have a lot of my face in it, I’m going incorporate all kinds of fun flora and fauna as well! I’ll be sure to update here when I post it.

For some more context, here’s a introductory post on my website staceymhollis.com about Pura Vida, Indeed:

About Stacey M. Hollis

Tropical guide and naturalist at Tranquilo Bay Eco-Adventure Lodge on Isla Bastimentos set within Panama's Caribbean Bocas del Toro archipelago. My aim is to share my passion for birds and the awesome biodiversity of the tropics while spreading the word about the importance of environmental conservation.
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2 Responses to Pura Vida, Indeed: StaceBird’s New Video Podcast!

  1. This was great! Looking forward to more videos!

    (have you thought about FB live posts? I wonder if that would be less taxing on your wi-fi resources.)


  2. Marjorie Hollis says:

    Beautifully done! I’m excited to see what comes next!


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