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Birds Abound in Saladero

I just can’t believe how time flies out here in paradise! I’m already into my fourth month, with a mere two to go. Interning here at Saladero Ecolodge as the Bird Guide and Resident Biologist has been an experience unlike … Continue reading

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A Rich Life in the Sweet Gulf

This painting makes me endlessly happy. As does this magical hidden paradise I’ve been so fortunate to call home for the past four months nestled here within Piedras Blancas National Park alongside the sweet Golfo Dulce.. The painting was a … Continue reading

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New Blog! Rainforest life at Saladero Ecolodge

So I’ve started up a new blog on Saladero’s website all about the life and tropical ecology that surrounds us here at the edge of the rich Golfo Dulce, nestled in the primary rainforest of Piedras Blancas National Park. In addition … Continue reading

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Pura Vida, Indeed: StaceBird’s New Video Podcast!

Here goes, folks..   And for my next video to come, I’m going to go more in-depth and give ya’ll a firsthand view of the loudest terrestrial mammal, second only to the Blue Whale! And no, it’s not me..pwahah. While … Continue reading

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Osa Conservation’s Sea Turtle Program

So I’ve had the pleasure of joining some ultra cool folk and fauna over on the Osa Península across the Golfo Dulce this past week for a bit of guide training with Osa Conservation. I had no idea the magical … Continue reading

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